Employee Management System

uAttend Employee Management System

Using uAttend Employee Management System employees' clockings are recorded automatically online and their hours are calculated using the rules defined against those employees’ timecards. Administrator access to the data is via a secure web portal.

What is an employee management system?

An employee management system consists of a clock in machine enabling the employee to clock in and clock out at the start and end of a working day. This enables the manager to monitor attendance. 

Unlimited employees and a free lifetime warranty

Each employee and administrator has access to the timecards via their login and can access and edit data based on their user rights. Multiple sites can be accommodated as the system is available through the internet on any browser. Employees and administrators can also edit clockings directly into the system if desired. No software is needed and the Plug n Play capabilities of the terminals mean the system is very easy and efficient to set up and use. uAttend can handle unlimited employees and easily integrates with payroll systems using export files. Reports on employee and department productivity can be created and the use of cloud technology means it is easy to use and very easy to implement.

Click here to enter the uAttend Employee Management System website.

Or, if terminals are not required, for example, if employees are to clock remotely only by landline telephone, web or smart phone app clocking (ideal for cleaners, carers etc), click here.
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uAttend Employee Management System
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